Monday, April 09, 2007


I can believe every word Faye Turney says.
I can believe every word they all say about how they were treated while in Iran.

I am not defending Iran's mild psychological torture, but let's get all this into perspective.

The USA has declared it open season on Iranians.
They went into Irbil, without authorization, and arrested/captured five Iranians (in fact the USA has been operating "extraordinary rendition" for years in which they kidnap anyone they want, and with this Great Britain in full complicity).
Iran had publicly threatened it would try to capture some blue-eyed westerners.
Chris Air admitted in a TV interview he was to "gather int" on Iran and this was broadcast and seen by Iran.
And despite this HMS Cornwall left 15 of its crew, including Air, 11 miles away without air or naval cover in hotly disputed waters.
The 15 were unharmed, and not physically tortured, though they were mildly psychologically tortured by the sound of it (but they signed up to the military voluntarily and should expect to die a bloody, gruesome death for their ultra-rich Queen and her country, or do they expect that because they are British they can shoot but cannot be shot at?).
Contrast this with Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, etc, etc, etc.

I am still trying to figure out what the propaganda trick is. At the moment I can only think that if the 15 had told all at the press conference last weekend then all they said would have been taken in the context of a military operation and the effect of their tales of detention would have been diminished. However, on TV and in The Sun the individual emotional aspect can be enhanced and capitalised upon alot more, particularly with Turney, (is this why she was absent at the recent press conference?) thus portraying Iran as a vicious, inhumane monster.

I would be interested in knowing if, like in the street design of the capital city of "The Great Satan", there is an inverted, irregular and incomplete pentagram in the street plan of Tehran?

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