Saturday, April 07, 2007


Iran is claiming the statements issued at the press conference yesterday are a fabrication. I believe what was said yesterday.

But I still do not accept the explanation as to why Cornwall was so far away when the personnel were arrested. If the hull is too big why is it operating in such shallow waters, particularly in such a disputed area of sea, and when it is known that Iran had warned it would try to capture some one from the "coalition of the killing".

I find the use of psychological torture and the quasi-mock execution deplorable, but would expect that had Iran invaded France and was patrolling the English Channel and we had captured some of their sailors we would not throw a party for them every day. Military personnel here sign up voluntarily and should expect to be in a war zone where they could be captured and possibly die. It's their choice (although there are economic reasons).

But what we have done and are doing in Iraq and arguably in Iran through Jundullah, and the support we give to Irsael, Uzbekistan and all the other oppressive regimes, is much more deplorable and hypocritical.

What is perhaps more disturbing is that neither Great Britain, Iraq or Iran seem to want a discussion on agreeing to precise maritime borders between Iraq and Iran.

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TheTruthMan said...

Correction: propaganda, not fabrication.