Saturday, February 18, 2017


The Israel we know has tremendous power, even though it is basically a small strip of land off the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

But it has bigger plans to expand.

And for that it needs a strong America.

Cue Donald Trump.

Netanyahu has known Trump for over 30 years!!

And Trump has stated the following:
1. Netanyahu is "a great guy" AFTER Netanyahu had murdered 520 children in Gaza in 2014 when everyone else thinks Netanyahu is pure scum (not sure how Infowhores feel);
2. nobody loves Israel more than Trump;
3. and Trump's priority is to rip up the P5+1 deal with Iran.

So Israel sees this guy Trump, and his connections through the old Roy Cohn/extreme Right network, and thinks, "Here's our guy. He can make Greater Israel".

So Israel creates Breitbart, which becomes the flag ship media of the alt-right, which backs Trump unconditionally and takes over social media. Some corners of the alt-media join in and make the mother of all U-turns to cosy up to the murdering Zionists (who they had been previously denouncing) and attack, attack, attack Islam (when they had previously been denouncing the FBI/CIA/Mossad/MI5/MI6 for all Islamic terror).

Trump wins the election not from fake news but from a dodgy letter from the FBI chief, part of the extreme right network of Roy Cohn.

After the election Trump blows the FBI chief a kiss live on TV, and despite numerous calls for Clinton to be locked up, Trump led a standing ovation to the Clintons at his inaugural dinner. Farce, anyone?

Iran is already on notice, with Mattis and Liberman stating that all they are talking about is "Iran, Iran and Iran".

Gaza is about to become uninhabitable in 2 years, and Trump says barely a word of condemnation of the outrageous annexation of the West Bank.

Trump is doing exactly what I said he would: help to make Greater Israel.

And to make Greater Israel needs a great America, so that nobody complains when America's greatest ally Israel expands, and to provide the Yankee dollar, muscle and military hardware to defend Greater Israel.

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