Friday, February 03, 2017


Andrew Jackson was a traitor.

At first witting.

Then perhaps less witting and more the fool. But is just a perhaps. Maybe he was witting.

At first Jackson plotted treason with Aaron Burr. Upon discovery, Burr was tried but found not guilty because his best mate was the jury foreman. Burr then fled to England and stayed with British Intelligence chief Jeremy Bentham. After a few years Burr returned to the USA and plotted with Martin van Buren to promote Jackson as the future President using Jackson's exploits in the 1812 war at New Orleans.

When he became President, Jackson began to destroy the Second Bank of the United States (BUS2) which under Nicholas Biddle was financing the growth and development of the United States into a threat to the British Empire. Jackson's battle with Biddle is legendary. Jackson withdrew the federal funds and placed them in his 'pet banks' which were selected not for their banking expertise but for their cronyism and allegiance to Jackson. These pet banks then inflated a huge credit bubble based on land speculation which Jackson burst with the Specie Circular leading to the 1837 Panic.

This lack of credit for development of the South condemned the South to remaining dependent on slavery. This was also coupled with Jackson's ethnic cleansing of the five civilised tribes from soon-to-be Confederate states, their ancestral lands sold to planters who built plantations worked by slaves. These planters supported slavery and the Confederacy. Thus Jackson is the Godfather of the Confederacy.

Jackson was also one of the largest and most powerful slaveholders in the USA. He loved slavery that much that he organised a raid on a fort, called Negro Fort, in Spanish Florida to re-capture fugitive slaves who had escaped their slavery and found sanctuary at the fort with a tribe of Seminoles. The officer commanding the raid fired a cannonball into the fort's arsenal and blew the fort up, killing 300 men, women and children.

And it was Jackson who gave the Rothschilds their big break and helped to make them what they are today by appointing them as official agents for the United States in Europe.

So where is Jackson now?

In the Oval Office, overlooking Trump!!

This portrait of Jackson, and that bust of Winston Churchill, indicate where Trump's loyalties lie.

He met with the British PM last week.

He is meeting Netanyahu next.

It is the Anglo-American-Israeli alliance.

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