Saturday, February 18, 2017


The CIA/Scaife-financed David Horowitz was on Infowhores last night.

Kurt Nimmo correctly called out Horowitz a few years ago as a CIA-Neocon.

Horowitz runs a vast Zionist media empire.

Here is the video of Horowitz's appearance:

Points to highlight:

@1:53 Jones says that he admits when he is wrong, to which I say YOU BLEEPING FAKE!! What about Andrew Jackson?

@4:45 Jones states that he just wants justice, to which I say YOU BLEEPING FAKE!! What about Gaza and the now world famous mother of all U-turns by Infowhores on their policy on Israel?

@16:00 Horowitz says that he sees four years of war, but did not say who against. Civil War? War against China? Gaza? Iran? THE BLEEPING LOT?

But after it all, Jones promoted CIA/Scaife-financed Horowitz, agreed with him, bowed down before him like Trump did at AIPAC last year.

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