Tuesday, February 07, 2017


If we somehow managed to get a hold of Alex Jones' bank statement I don't think we'd find a monthly credit of $5000 every month from 'the CIA'.

But given that he promotes British/CIA/Zionist propaganda and that, according to Jones himself, half his family is CIA scum, and that they are descended from Confederate scum (and thus have freedom and distribution of knowledge as the very last of their motives), I would say that Jones has at least one guardian angel in the CIA and another in the domestic American intel community.

It's one of those: a tap of the nose; a nod and a wink; a funny handshake, etc, etc, etc.

I just find it very, very, very disturbing that a man who has confessed that his family is descended from Confederate scum, and that half of them are CIA scum, has somehow managed to beccome the self-declared leader of 'the resistance' promoting a product of the extreme Rightist Zionist/CIA/FBI/MI6/mob network that assassinates Presidents and procures children for the CIA to abuse.

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