Monday, February 13, 2017


Abrams was the favourite of many around Trump, but Trump rejected Abrams not because Abrams was a hardcore PNAC Neocon warmonger but because Abrams had signed letters criticising Trump.

So what of the other favourite, Paula Dobriansky?

Well, she DIDN'T criticise Trump.

But she also signed the PNAC Statement of Principles, along with Abrams, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Gaffney and Jeb Bush.

So if Trump is open to an original PNAC signatory who DIDN'T criticise him...

A far better candidate would be Paula J. Dobriansky, the undersecretary of global affairs at the State Department during the George W. Bush administration. Dobriansky, who never signed any of the national-security letters denouncing Trump, is said to be the other chief administration candidate for the number-two post at State. She is a lifelong Republican, a seasoned foreign-policy expert, a skillful diplomat and widely respected. Having served in five presidential administrations, both Republican and Democratic, she epitomizes the idea of government service.

[source : Why Trump Should Not Appoint Elliott Abrams, National Interest,, 25th January 2017]

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