Saturday, February 18, 2017


But didn't Trump call Netanyahu "a great guy" AFTER Netanyahu had murdered 520 children in Gaza in 2014?

So if a woman kills a little child inside her via an abortion then she should suffer consequences.

But if Netanyahu murders 520 little children then he is "a great guy"?

Yeah, right.



President Donald Trump on Friday reaffirmed the United States’ “unbreakable bond with our cherished ally, Israel.”

“It was an honor to welcome my friend, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to the White House,” Trump said in his weekly address, posted to the official Facebook page of the White House.

“I affirmed to the Prime Minister America’s commitment to working with Israel and our allies and our partners for greater security and stability. The threat of terrorism must be confronted and defeated, and we will defeat it,” he added.

Israel and the United States, continued Trump, “share a deep conviction that we must protect all innocent human life.”

Trump and Netanyahu met in Washington, DC, on Wednesday – a meeting later described by Netanyahu as “historic”.

“I think it was a historical meeting,” Netanyahu told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “It was a meeting of the minds and a meeting of the hearts."

Netanyahu noted that he has known Trump personally for more than 30 years, going back to his term as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, from 1984 to 1988.

"I've known him [Trump] from the time that I was serving as Israel's Ambassador to the UN. And, you know, we would sort of bump into each other here and there in New York City. But we've gotten to know each other over the years."

"I feel we have now, as the president said, an even stronger alliance - a 'new day', he called it, maybe a new age."

[source : Trump reaffirms 'unbreakable bond' with Israel, INN,, 17th February 2017]

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