Saturday, February 18, 2017


I just noticed this on the portal of my blog:

Apparetly someone thinks I have infringed copyright, despite me fully referencing the quoted work.

So I now repost the blog but edited so that what I wrote is quoted verbatim and only a reference from another page, i.e. nothing copied.

{sheeesh! You'd think they;d be thankful for the full reference, wouldn't you?}

PS I did NOT receive any email from Google about this!!


Cohn is possibly implicated in the JFK assassination, and at the least flirting with Nazis.

Who'd have thought it, eh?

A man like Cohn involved in Nazis, child sex abuse parties for CIA satanic cults, and paedophile entrapments. Now his protege, the real Donald J Trump, is running for the Presidency of the USA, using Infowhores which is run by Alex Jones whose family is riddled with CIA and who has attended blood-drinking rituals, some of which were "bad rituals of the dark side".

This explains why Alan Greenspan bailed Trump out 25 years ago!!

For more on Cohn see "La Nebuleuse": Supranational network tied to child abuse networks, Iran Contra, cocaine cartels and the BCCI's "Black Network"

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