Monday, February 13, 2017


Remember these from the good old days?

About a year ago something happened: Infowhores suddenly stopped criticising Israel and the intelligence agencies for running/provoking/allowing Islamic terror (either fake or real), and began to blame 'just Islam' and cosied up to the Zionists like Ezra Levant and dare I say it, Donald Trump.

And it all occured roughly about the time that Roger Stone began to appear on Infowhores. Stone has been accused by veteran NYPD investigator Jim Rothstein of aiding and abetting a paedopohile network that was run by deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn that collected blackmail material for the CIA and supplied children for CIA-sponsored satanist groups to abuse at their parties.

So...what caused this mother of all U-turns?

And does it shock you that Cohn was also the "greatest friend" of President Donald J Trump?

Or that Trump has called Netanyahu "a great guy", even after Netanyahu had murdered 520 children in Gaza?

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