Tuesday, January 16, 2018


No. It was Israel, Saudi Arabia and a Zionist faction in the USA.

You have made a fortune out of claiming this and that intels run Islamic terrorism, inviting guests on to reiterate and substantiate these claims, and publishing articles by others reiterating and substantiating these claims.

Your guy, Bomber Trump, has sold out the true, guilty perps of 9/11.

9/11 led to a planned series of wars which still continue today, with your guy Trump now building bases in, and beginning to partition, Syria. He is also targetting Iran and going back into Afghanistan.

Leftists didn't plan all this.

Neither did Islamic terrorists.

It was all planned at the highest levels of Anglo-American, Israeli and Saudi intelligence (and maybe a few others).

So why not criticise Trump for his sell-out and treason?

Why now blame 'leftists' and 'the deep state' and Islam for everything?

Or have you been wrong all this time?

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