Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Apparently the Zionist agent Tommy Robinson was not in direct one-to-one contact with Osborne, as The Independent implied earlier today.

Apparently Osborne received information from Robinson via an emailing list.

But the problem for Infowars is that the mailing list is from The Rebel Media group who Robinson works for as a Shillman Fellow.

So what's the problem?

Rebel is run by Ezra Levant, who is only the biggest Zionist journalist in Canada. Judas Watson appeared on Levant's show in July 2016. A few months later Levant tweeted this:

As stated above, Robinson works at Rebel as The Shillman Fellow.

So who is this Shillman geezer?

It's this guy: Robert Shillman.

I'll admit that I had never heard of him.

But when you find out who Shillman is and what he funds it will blow your mind!!

Because Shillman either funds and/or is deeply connected to/working for the following:
David Horowitz Freedom Center
The Foundation for Defense of Democracies

The funding is channeled through The Shillman Foundation, donates to the following:
American Jewish Congress;
Jewish National Fund;
Zionist Organization of America;
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.

In fact, it was The Foundation for Defense of Democracies that first financed Robinson via Center for Vigilant Freedom.

For further details see Tommy Robinson Exposed! What That ‘Shillman Fellow’ Really Means

This is how far Infowars have come: from accusing Israel for years of complicity in 9/11, to being best chums with a Shillman Fellow with all the Zionist/neocon finance and heritage that comes with such a position, and promoting Donald "nobody loves and is more loyal to Israel than me" Trump.

I always suspected Robinson of being a Zionist agent. I think this confirms it. He is probably not a bona fide Mossad agent with a code name, but he is taking their money in return for his Islamophobia.

And this explains why in his latest book he puts the blame for 9/11 on Muslims and Muslims alone.

Well, now we have an idea how much Robinson gets, how much do we think Judas Watson sold out for?

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