Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Bomber Trump could have saved 80 minutes of everyone's lives yesterday if he had told the truth in his SOTU address. Here's what he should have said:
We've created a few more jobs, enjoy your $1000 tax cut/bribe while we billionaires buy a few more mansions and yachts for ourselves, we're continuing and even expanding the Neocon wars and agenda, we're giving Israel whatever it wants, we won't stop the march towards AI and robots taking your jobs and controlling your lives, or the march towards a cashless society with everyone plugged into a fully controlled and surveilled network, we're giving the military nearly $1 trillion while many Americans are homeless and starving, and we're focusing your anger at austerity onto immigrants instead of onto the bankers. So vote Republican later this year for more of the same. God bless Israel.

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