Monday, January 22, 2018


That is the conclusion of historian Walter Russell Mead, who Steve Bannon credited for the portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office occupied by Bomber Trump.

Trump visited Jackson's grave at Jackson's plantation, The Hermitage, and saluted Jackson's rotting corpse.

This worship of Andrew Jackson by Trump, Trumpers and others is dangerous and seriously misguided.

Jackson was on the edge of treason for much of his life, either wittingly or unwittingly. He was used by the British to destroy the south and make it dependent on slavery in preparation for the US Civil War, which was engineered by British agents such as Giuseppe Mazzini. To do this Jackson destroyed the Second Bank of the United States, leaving the south with very few banks to finance industrialisation. And Jackson loved slavery, at one time owning 300 slaves across several plantations. Jackson also began the process of the forced removal of native Americans in states like Georgia and Mississippi, which would later join the Confederacy. After the native Americans had been forcibly removed, their ancestral lands were sold off to planters who built plantations worked by slaves, and who eagerly supported the Confederacy.

And far from slaying the bankers, it was Jackson who gave the Rothschilds their big break by appointing them as agents for the United States in Europe.

This myth of Jackson as some kind of anti-establishment hero who destroyed the central bank of America for the common man is one created and perpetuated by British circles to cover their tracks in instigating the US Civil War to destroy the United States, because under Nicholas Biddle the bank was creating America into a dangerous rival to the British Empire. Books like The Creature from Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin, and documentaries like The Money Masters by William Still perpetuate this propaganda. I used to believe in these until I read the works of Michael Kirsch of LPAC, which I would strongly urge you to read.

So when Mead says Trump's base remains Jacksonian we are in big, big troule...because Trump's base believe in a myth fabricated by British Intelligence.

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