Saturday, January 20, 2018


One year of Bomber Trump.

In that year we've seen many little swings to the right (e.g. tax cuts for the rich and corporations, etc, etec, etc), as I predicted. This is to keep his beguiled dupes beguiled dupes.

Because Trump is the Continuity of Agenda President.

I will never get tired of pointing all this out:
1. Bomber Trump campaigned on a platform of no more wars and invasions and regime change, but he's occupying Syria, going back into Afghanistan, provoking Iran, Russia and China, and threatening war with North Korea (which could turn very ugly very quickly), and has got the military-industrial complex/Pentagon $700 billion;
2. Bomber Trump suggested that he knew the Saudis played a role in 9/11, but he sold out to them very quickly;
3. you can't knock Bomber Trump for shouting his enthusiastic Zionism, but moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and appointing IDF-loving Jared Kushner as some kind of peace envoy means big trouble, and Israel has been emboldened by Trump's love for Israel;
4. Bomber Trump, the Republicans and the Democrats all want Glass-Steagall, but it looks like the banks are going to be unleashed from all those regulations designed to stop them creating another global financial crisis without a Glass-Steagall type framework in place to protect us, and there doesn't seem to be any kind of serious bi-partisan and even White House desire for Glass-Steagall;
5. the intels have just been given their intrusive spying powers back;
6. the march of the robots continues;
7. as does the march towards a cashless society.

In other words, the main agenda continues while Bomber Trump makes a few tweaks to the right to make it look like he is anti-establishment (while he picks Bilderberg/CFR/Skull & Bones, and is advised by Henry Kissinger).

9/10 for predictability
1/10 for performance

The one good thing is that we have seen the real Infowars: driven by money, they sold out to the establishment that attacked America on 9/11 which led to all those wars and megadeaths.

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