Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In charge of Great Britain are Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and Cable, or The COCCs.

Some shocking figures have been announced today that provisional statistics indicate the British economy shrank. Many many experts predicted growth. But that did not happen. Even accounting for the freezing weather before Christmas (predicted by Piers Corbyn), the best the economy did was stall, but that's saying that one deep freeze cost the economy 0.5% GDP ( in which case indicating a complete lack of planning from the COCCs possibly due to fraudulent warmist predictions from the corrupted Meteorological Office).

And this is before the asuterity measures announced last year by the O of The COCCS have really started to kick in!!

The COCCs must go because they told us the economy had been recovered and predicted positive growth year after year if we suffered severe austerity now to bail out the piss-taking Nazi banks.

Cameron said he would bash the banks, and get them lending. He instead bashed the unions, and can't get the banks lending.

Osborne announced severe austerity, dumping millions of unwitting British taxpayers onto the dole expecting them to get jobs elsewhere, and then went to Klosters to celebrate! But how can we grow those jobs if Cameron can't get the banks lending?

Both Clegg and Cable have sold their souls for the appearance of power, but as has been shown by the events affecting Cable, they use you then they abuse you. Cable voted for massive increases in student fees, despite LibDem promises, but then The Daily Torygraph shafted him.

The COCCs must go, and go now, for the good of Great Britain.

We need a general election as soon as possible now that we have seen what the LibCon coalition is; corruption and incompetence.

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