Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Yesterday I was intrigued by the use by the BBC and Sky News of images allegedly of Homs under siege taken from Bambuser. I could not find the images being used except one set which looks like it was taken in Saudi Arabia.

I now think I know why.

If you go to Bambuser there are three options; broadcasts, users and events. Click on broadcasts. There is a set of tabs, one of which is map. Click on map and a map of the world is shown. Zoom in on Syria. To the left hand side of the map there is a list of time periods; live, less than 24 hours, less than 2 days, etc. Select the option you want. I was interested in less than two days which would show all those broadcasts shown in the last two days.

Guess what?

Oopsadaisy! NONE FROM HOMS!

There is one in Homs less than 7 days, which does show perhaps something going on; lots of armed civilians roaming the streets shouting, guess what, Allah U Akbar.

So where were those images that were shown on the BBC and Sky taken, and when?

Go to http://bambuser.com/ and check it out yourself.

There is something very tricky going down here. Bambuser was shut down by Egypt during the revolution last year. The BBC showed images claimed to be from Libya that were quickly shown to be from elsewhere (was it India?).

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