Sunday, February 26, 2012


Following the London conference on Somalia last week we can now have full confidence that the reason why Great Britain is so interested in Somalia is oil.

Yet it is the extent of oil deposits beneath the Indian Ocean that is most exciting Somali officials. One said the potential was comparable to that of Kuwait, which has more than 100bn barrels of proven oil reserves. If true, the deposits would eclipse Nigeria's reserves – 37.2bn barrels – and make Somalia the seventh largest oil-rich nation.

[source : Britain leads dash to explore for oil in war-torn Somalia, The Observer, 26/02/2012]

But the same report begins with the use of British taxpayer money to help the likes of BP to get in there.
Britain is involved in a secret high-stakes dash for oil in Somalia, with the government offering humanitarian aid and security assistance in the hope of a stake in the beleaguered country's future energy industry.

Is this fascism?

The humanitarian aid will come from taxpayer money. The security assistance will also come from taxpayer money.

So just how much is BP offering?

The article perhaps acknowledges this fascism, and attempts to put lipstick on the fascist pig with this paragraph.
British involvement in the future Somali oil industry would be a boon for the UK economy and comes at a time when the world is increasingly concerned about the actions of Iran, the second-biggest oil producer in Opec.

Remember that this is a report from The Khordokovsky-and-green-genocide-loving Guardian News and Media Limited.

Just how will this be "a boon for the UK economy"?

And the warmongering over Iran is due to a bunch of Zionutters who have been made paranoid of the rest of the world by their own Zionazi leadership from the Rothschilds after they and their close friends the Warburgs engineered Nazi Germany and the Holocaust to convince a sceptical world Jewry that the only safe place for Jews was Palestine and nowhere else but Palestine.

And the al Qaeda threat is manufactured too. Al Qaeda is a MI6/CIA operation. There is a possibility that al Qaeda have been getting into Somalia through al Shabab so that Great Britain can say, "look, Somalia. If you don't give us your lovely lovely oil we'll get our al Qaeda guys in Somalia to put a bullet in your head, just like they did with Gadaffi. And you wouldn't want that now. Would you?"

Face it, Britons. We are run by fascist gangstaz.

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