Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Jeff Steinberg at LPAC wrote last week about a member of MeK in Iran who confessed he was trained by Mossad for a month in Israel to be trained how to stick bombs on cars while on a motorcycle.

NBC News has broken the story that the Israeli Mossad has been recruiting and training members of the terrorist Mujahideen e-Khalq (MEK) to carry out assassinations and bombings inside Iran. The report was corroborated by several Obama Administration officials, and was based on an interview with Mohamad Javad Larijani, the brother of Speaker of the Majlis Ali Larijani and a close personal friend of the Supreme Leader Khamenei. Larijani was interviewed by NBC’s Brian Williams, and he reported that Iranian officials had caught an MEK member, attempting to assassinate an Iranian physicist. Under interrogation, the would-be assassin confessed that he had been recruited by the Mossad in Ankara, Turkey and had been sent to Israel for one month of training, to prepare him for the targeted assassination. According to Larijani, the Israelis specifically trained the MEK recruit on how to plant a “sticky bomb” onto a car, while passing on a motorcycle—the modus operandi for several recent assassinations of Iranian scientists involved with their nuclear program.

[source : Mossad Caught Running MEK Assassinations of Iranian Scientists, LPAC, 09/02/2012]

Yesterday a car was set ablaze in New Delhi, India after several eye witnesses reported a motorcyclist sticking a device to the car. The occupant of the car was the wife of Israel's defence attache in India. Israel accused Iran.

India is still investigating the terrorist act, and has so far not blamed anyone but has said the act was perpertrated by a "very well-trained person".
Indian Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram said Tuesday that the attack against an Israeli diplomatic car in New Delhi was carried out by a "very well-trained person."

[source : India: 'Well-trained person' behind terror attack at Israeli embassy, Haaretz, 14/02/2012]

However, it is possible that this particular act of terrorism was perpertrated by someone wanting to provoke Israel into accusing Iran, or to make it look like Israel did it.

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