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If you relied on Infowhores for all your information then you would think that Donald J Trump was a great guy who built a global business all by himself and who is now a self-proclaimed Infowarrior having appeared on The Alex Jones Show.

Sadly, this is dead wrong.

Trump is the product of an extreme Rightist Zionist/CIA/FBI/mob network that assassinates Presidents and procures children for the CIA to abuse.

The main man in Donald’s life, besides his father Fred, was Roy Cohn. Trump called Cohn his “greatest friend”. If we are to know the real Trump then we need to find out who Cohn was.

So who was Roy Cohn?

Cohn’s father Albert was quite powerful in the New York Democratic Party network. Albert married for money. His wife Dorothy Marcus was the daughter of the founder and President of the Bank of the United States, Joseph S Marcus. Albert was good friends with many people, except with his wife apparently, and Roy took sides with his doting mother. One of Albert’s Democratic Party friends was Al Flynn, who basically controlled the Democratic Party apparatus first in New York and later the whole of the USA. In 1929 Flynn recommended Albert for a Judgeship to Franklin D Roosevelt while Roosevelt was Governor of New York. FDR then appointed Albert to Part III of the State Supreme Court. Eight years later Albert moved to the State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division and stayed there until he died in 1959.

Before Albert died, Roy had decided to join his father in the legal profession. Roy also began to become engaged in politics, particularly Jewish-related politics in the USA.

Roy Cohn shot to fame as the Counsel for Senator Joseph McCarthy during McCarthy’s witch hunt for Communists in the USA. The FBI had compiled a file of suspected Communists in the USA. A Jewish organisation called The American Jewish League Against Communism somehow obtained a copy of this report and decided that they could use this information for two reasons:
1. to take the heat off the perceived ‘Jewishness’ of Communism;
2. to get the Jews out of Communism and to support Zionism.

It was the AJLAC who selected Senator Joseph McCarthy to do their work for them, and it was the AJLAC who got Roy Cohn appointed as McCarthy’s Chief Counsel.

After the McCarthy hearings, the Dulles brothers of the CIA arranged for Cohn to be employed at the law firm Saxe, Bacon and O'Shea in New York.

Cohn also became close friends with chief of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover.

Cohn also developed a detestation of the Kennedys and became close personal friends with David Schine.

In 1959 when Cohn was being prosecuted for perjury and obstruction of justice it was none other than the consummate insider Bernard Baruch who gave a favourable character reference for Cohn.

In 1963 President John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. One major conspiracy theory of this murder is that Kennedy was a ‘Commie’ and that he was killed out of revenge for betraying the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba The District Attorney for New Orleans, Jim Garrison, investigated the murder in great depth. During his investigation he came across a corporation called Permindex, on the board of which sat Roy Cohn. President Charles de Gaulle also accused of Permindex of trying to assassinate himself too. Permindex was founded by Edgar Bronfman’s attorney and former British SOE intelligence officer Maj. Louis Mortimer Bloomfield as an assassination bureau and for general political and economic espionage.

While in New York, Roy Cohn became the de facto liaison between the establishment and the mob. Cohn became the consiglieri of the New York mafia. He also procured children for the CIA to abuse, while also being the conduit of sleaze from Hoover to the media.

In 1968 Cohn’s enemy Robert Kennedy was assassinated in a hotel owned by the father of Cohn’s best mate David Schine. Coincidence?

It was during Cohn’s time in New York that Donald Trump sought out Cohn to help him in a case in which the Trumps were accused of racial discrimination. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, one that would lead to Trump calling Cohn his “greatest friend”.

Cohn was the lawyer for Studio 54, and would hold cocaine-fuelled orgies in its basement attended by New York’s high level politicians from all parties. One regular attendee to these was one Donald Trump, who later wrote that there would be supermodels being screwed on the bench in the middle of the room.

Cohn was also working with the ADL, and was tapped to become a Director but this did not occur because of his work with McCarthy.

It was Trump’s lawyer and fixer Cohn who arranged for a whopping 40-year $400 million tax break for Trump from New York City to develop his first major project: the refurbishment of the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Trump was later embroiled in scandals involving the mob: he used mob-supplied labour; he used mob-supplied concrete; his connections to the mob were not investigated when he applied for gambling licences, etc.

To show how powerful Cohn was, in January 1983 Cohn arranged a meeting between his new close friend and fellow Zionist, the Australian Rupert Murdoch, President Ronald Reagan and himself. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how Murdoch could support an illegal CIA domestic operation to promote the use of CIA death squads in Latin America. Murdoch agreed to support this illegal operation financially.

Murdoch would later become an American citizen and establish the highly influential media network Fox News. It was Murdoch who sponsored William Kristol and The Weekly Standard. Kristol co-founded The Project for a New American Century which promoted global war for America to assert its hegemony, but particularly against enemies of Israel. In 2000 it was Fox News who called Florida for George W Bush when everyone else had Florida for Gore. This prompted a recount which was stopped by The Brooks Brothers riot engineered by Republican Dirty Trickster Roger Stone, who had been a lover of Cohn in his youth (Stone ranks Cohn as one his heroes). Another of Stone’s dirty tricks for the Republican Party, one which had massive global repercussions, was to sabotage Democratic Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer’s investigation of corrupt Wall Street practices. Stone would later appear on Fox News as an ‘expert’ and write on the Fox News website.

When Lyndon Larouche began to become influential, the establishment tried to kill him but failed. So they set their man Roy Cohn to unleash sleaze on Larouche in one of Cohn’s sleazy tabloids, which provoked violence against Larouche and his apparatus. Cohn did this with none other than Henry Kissinger!

Cohn died of AIDS in 1986.

But this did not sever Trump’s connections to the mob.

In 1987 Trump bought the CIA/mob money-laundering front Resorts International in New Jersey.

Now, this is where it gets really tricky for Trump.

The assassination bureau Permindex became Intertel, which was bought by Resorts International, which Trump bought in 1987.

Yup. Trump bought the assassination bureau that whacked JFK which was controlled by his “greatest friend” Roy Cohn!

While trying to establish himself in New Jersey, Trump’s major ally was Nicky Scarfo. The Scarfos are described by Wayne Barrett as “the bloodiest crime family in the history of the United States”.

Unfortunately for Donald, his foray into the casino business went tits up, and in 1991 he faced personal bankruptcy owing hundreds of millions of dollars. But somehow a fairy godmother smiled on Donald and he got a sweetheart deal and avoided personal bankruptcy.

Infowhores are promoting Trump. They whine and whinge that the media is lying about Trump. But Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News doesn’t. Fox is very, very, very pro-Trump.

And yes, that’s the same Fox News that helped Monsanto in a cover up...and got George W Bush elected as POTUS in 2000...and pushed for war on Iraq...and pushes NWO propaganda (PJW stated that it does so it must be true).

This is not exhaustive.

But if Cohn was so high up in the establishment: having the CIA arrange a job for him in New York so that he could become the de facto liaison between the establishment and the mob; procuring children for the CIA to abuse; organising cocaine-fuelled orgies in the basement of Studio 54 which were attended by New York’s politicians and one Donald J Trump; trying to get Lyndon Larouche murdered, then what have the establishment got on Trump?

Why did Trump buy the grandchild of the British/Zionist assassination bureau Permindex, the CIA/mob money-laundering front, Resorts International?

Why was Trump so mobbed-up?

Why will Trump come up with some bullshit that he cannot release his tax returns until an audit by the IRS has finished?

Why does Trump rant against alleged bad trade deals with China that he claims rip off America when he and definitely his she-devil daughter Ivanka use cheap foreign sweatshop labour in China, in Mexico, and elsewhere?

Why is Trump focusing on deporting millions of immigrants, building up the US military and protecting Israel instead of sorting out Wall Street?

I think that last question is actually the answer too.

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