Thursday, September 29, 2016


I said they'd start to get behind Trump.

And they are.

And I take that description "mentally unstable megalomaniac" verbatim from an article on Propaganda Matrix published on 21st April 2005 entitled John Bolton: Another Mentally Unstable Megalomaniac.

Yes. None other than "mentally unstable megalomaniac" John Bolton has written in The Daily Telegraph that Together a Trump-led US and Brexit Britain can restore Nato and the West.

Bolton writes:
Whether, after the US presidential election on November 8, America will again have the political leadership it needs to complement renewed British assertiveness is presently unknowable.

The election is tightening, however, as Trump’s support solidifies and as Clinton’s manifest inadequacies become more evident. But whatever happens in November, Britain must still make her own way.

History’s opportunities do not last forever. The Brexit decision should not be squandered through indecisiveness and inaction. If Britain proceeds confidently, the ripples of Brexit in Europe and beyond will force reforms that could remake the European political landscape to the advantage of both the UK and its soon-to-be-former EU partners. The same is true for Nato, which needs to become more agile and less bureaucratic.

Britain’s actions over the next few months will be more important for itself and the wider West than anything London has done since 1945.

Bolton makes crystal clear that he thinks Clinton is 'manifestly inadequate', and that support for Trump is 'solidifying'.

Bolton is clearly also supportive of Brexit.

But Bolton actually thinks that Trump can save NATO! And the west!

So do we have here yet another bizarre twist of fate when the slags at Infowhores have accused someone or an organisation of being part of the establishment only for that person or organisation to promote and support and defend Trump?

Let's see:
1. PJW calls John Bolton a "mentally unstable megalomaniac";
2. but PJW supports does Bolton;
3. and PJW supports does Bolton.

The same happened with Murdoch and Fox News.

And with Newt "Mr New World Order" Gingrich.

And with Peter Thiel.

Who will be next?

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