Monday, September 19, 2016


They've decided that their banks are still taking too much heat, still after all this time since 2007, and that it's time to swing Europe and the USA to the right, to focus our anger and hatred onto coloureds and immigrants instead of onto the banks and bankers.

So the Leftist Globalists like Soros fund and promote organisations like Black Lives Matter as well as mass immigration of Muslims into Europe and the USA, and arrange for Bernie Sanders, the only candidate on either side demanding that Wall Street be tamed, be stitched up good and proper by the Democratic Party so that their agent Hillary Clinton be proclamied the nominee of the Leftists. Sanders was way too left for the Leftist Globalists, even though his agenda is nowhere socialist. Sanders was also the only candidate on either side to stand up to Israel.

The Rightist Globalists like Rupert Murdoch, Peter Thiel, Newt "Mr New World Order" Ginigrich and James Woolsey join, promote and support Donald Trump, who has stated many times that his priority is to deport millions of immigrants and build a wall while not proposing any policy on how to tame Wall Street. If Trump is so bad then why was he not stitched up? How were Bilderberg not able to stop him?

The immigrants are encouraged to rape and murder and commit acts of terror, which drives the average European and American to focus their anger away from the banks and more and more onto immigrants and move politically to the right. Hence Rightist Globalist Murdoch (and HM Queen Elizabeth) got his wish for Brexit after promoting UKIP and their anti-immigrant agenda.

And in 'Murica, Infowhores were well known for pointing out that most if not all Islamic terror plots in the USA were either provoked or allowed to happen by the FBI. But now? No mention of the FBI. No mention of NATO. It's all, "blame the Muslim immigrants". Infowhores support Trump who is extremely curiously promoted by Murdoch's massive media empire, which Infowhores have stated promotes New World Order propaganda.

And when any terror plot occurs, what do people, including Trump himself, say?

Only Donald Trump can make America safe again.

Hence Trump has caught up with Clinton.

Many said it could and would never happen.

But it has.

And the reason is that Trump is the product of the extreme Rightist racist Zionist/CIA/FBI/mob network that assassinates Presdidents, procures children for the CIA to abuse and tries to kill anti-New World Order activists like Lyndon Larouche on behalf of Henry Kissinger.

Trump is not a stand alone businessman. His connections are deep.

I ask: how many Bilderbergers are Muslim and/or not white? They are overwhelmingly white and male, the white and female. Very few are not white.

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