Sunday, September 25, 2016


Guess who went to Nicaragua to express solidarity with the Sandanistas against Republican Reagan's Contra death squads?

Yup. Bernie Sanders. See Bernie Sanders.

My question (and I guess your question too) is: did Alex Jones' CIA family have anything to do with the following atrocities in Nicaragua?

From "Washington's War on Nicaragua" by Holly Sklar:
...As the contras escalated cross-border attacks during July and August, the Honduras and United States hedl military exercises and built a permanent military base at Durzuna, about 25 miles from the Nicaraguan border. U.S troops left behind most of their equipment for the contras when the exercises ended. By the end of 1982, Honduras hosted more than 150 CIA agents. A Honduran officer summed up his country's proxy role this way: "The U.S. will supply all the arms, equipment and body bags that we need and all we have to do is supply the bodies."

...Near Rio Blanco, in the Matagalpa region, contras kidnapped education administrator Maria Martinez Alvarez. "Her body was later found with her throat slit and breasts cut off."

..."There was another special case of cruelty on that same contra operation. An eleven year old girl, Cristina Borge Diaz, was visiting her uncle. The uncle was on the contra's list, and they came and killed him. When they saw the little girl they decided to have a little fun, so they used her for target practice. The first one took a shot at her from a galloping horse. He missed. 'Kill her', he told a companion. And the other shot her in the back. The bullet came out her chest. Another bullet grazed her scalp, another hit her in the right hand, and another in the left hip. Then they left. The little girl lay there until a worker coming back from the fields found her that way, more dead than alive." Miraculously, said Feltz, she recovered after treatment in Managua. She told her story to a meeting of Nicarguan-based U.S. missionaries and visiting U.S. bishops in 1985.

...U.S. "punishment" of Nicaragua translated into terrorism. On December 23, 1982, Nicaraguan Interior Minister Tomas Borge presented evidence of an aborted contra urban terror plan called "Bitter Christmas": C-4 plastic explosive packed into flashlights and children's lunch boxes for detonation in supermarkets, movie theaters and buses on Christmas Eve.

John Pilger - Nicaragua - A Nation's Right to Survive

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