Wednesday, November 30, 2016


William Engdahl has written this cracking article about who is controlling Trump and how and why, and puts together most of what I have been saying about Trump.

As I have been pointing out, Trump is surrounded by these guys on national security: Bannon, Pompeo, and Flynn (and lately K T McFarland of the CFR and Jamestown Foundation).

All three men are very pro-Israel and very anti-Iran and that deal.

But with Flynn you also get Michael Ledeen.

And with Ledeen you get whole swamp-dwelling The Foundation for the Defence of Democracies.

This article exposes the powerful Israeli influence on Trump.

A must read.

The Trump Presidency has been planned in minute detail by them and their think tanks. Quite simply, had they continued the policies that Hillary Clinton represented–war and confrontation against Russia, against China, with Color Revolution destabilizations of any and all political leaders who opposed them whether Ghaddafi or Mubarak or even Putin–they saw they were losing power over huge parts of the world, essential geopolitical power.

...That Plan B is casino mogul Donald Trump, a political tabula rasa, a power-possessed person with a blackmail potential that will keep him on program for them, an alpha male who is quite gifted at being able to make people fear.

...I state clearly my conviction, and please recall this as Trump Presidency policies unfold after January 20, 2017 to see if I am correct or not: Donald Trump was put into office to prepare America for war, a war the banks of Wall Street and the US military industrial complex are not presently in a position economically or industrially or otherwise, geopolitically, to win. His job will be to reposition the United States for them to reverse the trend to disintegration of American global hegemony, to, as the Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz Project for the New American Century put it in their September, 2000 report, “rebuild America’s defenses.”

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