Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Dodgy Roger Stone has retweeted this:

Who is Roger Stone?

Roger Stone bought the 1980 election for Ronald Reagan with a $125k bung from deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn. Stone and Cohn were lovers at one time.

Roger Stone aided George W Bush into the White House by organising a riot in Florida to stop a recount. With W in the White House PNAC were easily able to drag W into the PNAC wars after their inside job 9/11.

Roger Stone scuttled Eliot Spitzer's investigation into the corrupt practices of Wall Street. This enabled the financial crisis in 2007/8 and led to global austerity for the 99% (Stone is probably a member of the 1%).

So if your family were affected by the wars after 9/11 or suffered austerity, thank Roger Stone.

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