Sunday, November 27, 2016


Virtually every one of Trump's administration picks so far are very anti-Iran and anti that deal.

Which supports my hypothesis that Trump was chosen as President to finish off what 9/11 was done for - to get Iran.

Sanders would not have done it.

Clinton could have tried but the Sanders faction would have stopped her.

There is no way that Bush could do it because...well...he's a Bush!

So why not Trump? He detests the deal, loves Israel and his "greatest friend" Roy Cohn was a deep, dark CIA agent who procured children for the CIA to abuse and who also had the power to tell the New York Mafia who to vote for!

And then there is the little question of who Trump laundered money for at Resorts International, a little question that Infowhores do not seem that interested in answering.

Anyway, here is the view of Trump's pick for Deputy National Security Advisor Kathleen McFarland of Iran.

US President-elect Donald Trump has brought a Fox News security adviser onto his team, apparently tasked with causing unrest in Iran.

K.T. McFarland, appointed as the future president’s deputy national security adviser on Friday, has been a staunch critic of the Iran nuclear deal from the beginning of negotiations.

Following the announcement, various media outlets highlighted McFarland’s anti-Iran stance, indicating that targeting Tehran would be on top of her agenda.

On several occasions, the hawkish figure has called on the US to forcibly target limitations she claims are in place on the Internet in Iran.

[source : Anti-Iran Fox News paid analyst in Trump’s administration, Press TV,, 27th November 2016]

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