Saturday, November 26, 2016


Trump has been fined twice for money laundering, the latest just last year. He was fined $10 million for "willful, significant and long standing" violations of anti-money laundering legislation.

So you'd like to know who he was laundering money for, wouldn't you?

Coz when I say "money laundering" you automatically think "mob", don't you?

Well, Trump's mentor and "greatest friend" was Roy Cohn. It was the CIA who got Cohn a job at the New York law firm Saxe, Bacon and Bolan. This was done so that Cohn could become the consiglieri to the New York Mafia, which he did become. Trump sought out Cohn when Trump was being prosecuted for racial discrimination. Trump and Cohn became great friends. Indeed, so great that Trump called Cohn his "greatest friend". Cohn used to hold cocaine parties in the basement of Studio 54, which Trump attended to watch supermodels getting f****d. Trump would later try to relive those days when he used to hold underage-sex-and-cocaine parties in his own property for sleazy, old men to ply underage female wannabe models with drink and cocaine for sex and favours, and where Trump himself was "a f*****g beast...getting laid like crazy", as one attendee described him.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the President Elect used to host underage-sex-and-cocaine parties!!

Anyway, this Roy Cohn geezer became a serious deep, dark CIA agent, and procured children for the CIA to abuse.

So Roy Cohn was the mob's lawyer and at the same time also a deep, dark CIA agent, and all the while he was Donald Trump's "greatest friend".

Do you not think that Cohn would inform the CIA of the activities of his protege, President Elect Donald J Trump?

Coz I do.

Cohn died in 1986.

In 1987 Donald Trump bought the CIA/mob money laundering front, Resorts International (RI). During this time Trump was hanging out with some serious members of the mob, one in particular called Nicky Scarfo. The Scarfos are described as "the bloodiest crime family in the history of the United States"! And there was Donald, hanging out with them! RI was financing clandestine CIA anti-Castro operations. This first adventure into the casino business did not go so well for Donald, possibly because Roy Cohn couldn't fix it for him to succeed, and within a few years Donald faced personal bankruptcy owing hundreds of millions of dollars. But Rothschild's man Wilbur Ross somehow arranged for Donald to keep RI in a sweetheart deal.

But here's the thing.

Trump renamed RI as Trump Taj Mahal.

Trump Taj Mahal has been fined not just once but TWICE...for MONEY LAUNDERING!!

So who do we think Trump was laundering money for?


Who was Trump laundering money for?

Was it the local hospital?

Or a local children's charity?

Or do you think that it might, just might, be the CIA and/or the mob?

Anyway, one way we could find out is to get it straight from the horse's mouth.

And to get that we could ask/demand/force my main man Alex Jones to ask Donald himself!!

So, come on Alex. Next time you speak to Donald, just politely ask him about it, and then tell us all who he laundered money for (and maybe still is?)

I think we'd all like to know if, besides hosting underage-sex-and-cocaine parties, the next President of the United States also laundered money for the CIA and/or the mob.

And I think we'd also like to know if your CIA family were involved in the same clandestine CIA anti-Castro operations that Resorts International were financing.

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