Saturday, February 04, 2017


The "Turd in a punch bowl" remark.

But what you must all remember is that this was made circa 2000.

Since then, blabbermouth Jones has revealed:
1. that he attended "bad blood drinking rituals of the dark side";
2. his family is directly descended from generals and colonels who fought in the Confederate Army to defend negro slavery;
3. and that half of them are CIA;
4. and that his uncle was the Oliver North of the Army of Guatemala.

All these facts put this interview of Alex Jones in perspective.

In addition, Jones is on record expressing his allegiance to Israel.

Don't get me wrong. Both of them are turds in their unique way: e.g Icke for taking my money and complaining about Freemasonry but not turning up at Freemasons Hall on the 28th June 2014.

I donated lots to Icke's defence fund in the mid 20000s. Icke knew this.

But icke didn't tell me that Infowhores had me under surveillance.

Even before 2015!

So turds all.

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