Saturday, February 04, 2017


Trump claims to be an anti-establishment outsider out to drain the swamp. Alex Jones claims that Trump has been plotting to bring down the New World Order for decades.

So what do you think of Trump's actions so far?

Advised by Kissinger, administration packed with CFR/Bilderberg/Skull and Bones/multi-billionaires, unleashing Wall Street, and already looking to start wars with Iran and China, and thus by extension Russia.

That is the Trump way, which is not what I would say is the policy of an anti-establishment outsider out to drain the swamp. In fact I'd say it was the opposite.

The Trump Way was brought to you by Infowhores.

My way would be much more peaceful: one lawyer versus another lawyer, presenting arguments to a jury of my peers, i.e. you ordinary citizens who have been screwed for centuries, over whether we owe the banks money that has never existed, does not exist, nor will it ever exist.

So which way do you prefer?

The let's-have-war-with-Iran-and-China-and-Russia way?

Or the let's-have-a-peaceful-argument-in-court way?

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