Thursday, February 16, 2017


Of Trump, I said he would:
1. focus anger onto immigrants rather than arrest the REAL criminals like Kissinger and Rockefeller and the bankers on Wall Street;
2. seriously ally with Israel and give it the green light to ethnically cleanse Palestine;
3. push for war with Iran;
4. unleash Wall Street.

He has done these within his first 21 days.

These are his priorities.

Not the American people.

But Wall Street and Israel.

That's why Trump's son said that Trump decided to run for the Presidency because of the P5+1 deal with Iran threatened Israel.

That's why both Trump and his daughter, despite their current claims of glorious patriotism, have been exploiting cheap Communist Chinese sweatshop labour for at least a decade.

How much longer must we suffer Infowhores and their deep, dark CIA agent Roger Stone.

PS Stone knows where I live so I expect a letter from his lawyer asap if I am wrong (I'll keep you all updated).

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