Thursday, February 16, 2017


Anybody with a brain who has a clue about what is going on and has gone on would never, ever, ever seek the advice of Henry Kissinger.

That is why Bernie Sanders was proud to say that he would never call Kissinger a friend nor seek his advice.

But Trump?

Well, can you believe this: Trump has stated that he has "tremendous respect" for Henry Kissinger!!

And is seeking Kissinger's advice!!

So starting from this, we have:
1. Kissinger wants to split the Russia-China coalition caused by 9/11 because it threatens US hegemony;
2. 9/11 was designed to take out Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Iran;
3. but Iran, named as the biggest threat to the USA (and thus Israel), still stands untouched, and many say is actually more powerful due to saving Iraq and Syria from falling into the hands of USA/Israeli-sponsored international cutthroat Jihadis;
4. Russia also intervened to help Syria;
5. so the question for the USA/Israeli warmongers is how to finish off their job 9/11 and take out Iran without risking war with Russia/China?
6. one solution would be to break the Russia-China alliance;
7. and to achieve that would involve cancelling the US sanctions against Russia to bring Russia under the influence of the USA, but also with the potential promise of military cooperation;
8. Rex Tillerson was nowhere on Trump's radar until the establishment proposed Tillerson to Trump (Tillerson works with Kissinger at the CSIS);
9. Tillerson could get the sanctions against Russia lifted;
10. but Flynn, already having appeared on RT and sat next to Putin at a dinner, and Tillerson would give Putin the appearance that the USA was open to an alliance with Russia;
11. with the Russia-China alliance broken the USA itself (COngress, people) would be more open to war on Iran (to finish off the 9/11 plan) and China (as per the plan exposed by John Pilger);
12. but with Flynn gone we have one less strong voice pushing for war on Iran (remember that it was Flynn who put Iran 'on notice' before the end of Trump week 2), but there is now less potential for cooperation with Russia;
13. this will/should make Russia more wary of cooperation with USA, and seek stronger relations with its geographical neighbour China, who would be equally interested in exploiting the Russian Arctic.

Thus, with Flynn gone there is less voice for war on Iran (Flynn just wrote a book with Ledeen blaming Iran for everything!!!!!) which reduces the possibility of war on Iran and thus with Russia and China.

But also, if the USA appears less 'friendly' to Russia then Russia should seek stronger relations with China, which will deter more aggression against Iran but also China in the South China Sea.

This is what Infowhores will not discuss.

Why does Trump, the alleged anti-establishment outsider who is allegedly out to drain the swamp and has allegedly been planning to destroy the establishment for decades, stating that he has "tremendous respect" for Henry Kissinger and is actively seeking Kissinger's advice?

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