Saturday, February 04, 2017


Before 2015, Trump and the Clintons were close. Ivanka and Chelsea even closer. In fact they were that close that when Trump began to run for the Presidency in 2015, Alex Jones called him out as a plant for the Clintons.

But over the course of the election campaign, Trump began to attack Clinton.

And then attack some more.

And then more.

And then even more.

Meanwhile, Clinton was shafting Bernie Sanders, who had inspired a movement which threatened Israel, Wall Street and Corporate America.

Then Trump began to encourage his adoring crowds to shout "Lock her up!".

And Trump got so anti-Clinton that in the live TV debates he promised to create a special prosecutor to investigate the Clintons.

The election was not won by fake news. It was won by the FBI. To be more precise, the Chief of the FBI, James Comey, who with just days before the election wrote a letter stating that some suspicious emails had been found. This provoked a 4% swing to Trump. About a week later, and with just a day or 2 before the election, Comey confessed that the emails were not that suspicious after all.

But it was too late. The damage was done. Clinton regained some votes but nowhere near enough.

Trump won, even though Clinton had nearly 3 million more votes!

But now?

Well, since the election, live on TV, Trump blew Comey a kiss, hugged him, and has asked that Comey stay on at the FBI.

And after his inauguration, Trump led a standing ovation to the Clintons, and several times has expressed his desire that the Clintons are not prosecuted and that they should be left to heal.

Ivanka and Chelsea are still good friends.

Trump plans to unleash Wall Street, smash employment rights, and start war on Iran for Israel.

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