Thursday, February 01, 2018


This guy, Lanny Davis, has written a book about how the Deep State elected Trump in 2016 via the Comey letter to Congress in late October 2016. I have always said that it was that letter that destroyed Clinton's lead and persuaded undecided voters to back Trump. Comey did not need to tell Congress. And remember how Trump first treated Comey? TRUMP BLEW A KISS TO HIM LIVE ON TV!! That letter, along with rightist deep state operative Roger Stone appearing on Infowars and persuading the Infowars team and audience to back Trump, played a major role in electing Trump because the race was always going to be close and every vote counted.

And we are now seeing the True Trump: massive tax cuts for the rich and corporations; thumbs up from Bilderberg and Davos; sold out to the Saudi-Zionist axis-of-evil that did 9/11; picks many Bilderberg/CFR/Skull & Bones; advised by Kissinger; $700 billion and very likely more shiny new nukes for the US military to threaten the world; continuing and expanding the Neocon wars and agenda; identifies Russia and China, not Islamic terror, as biggest threats. The list is endless.

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