Thursday, August 09, 2018


There have been some (surprising) defences of Alex Jones after he was banned TEMPORARILY by several social media platforms. The defence cites free speech.

Last year a large number left-leaning websites were censored by Google. I too suffered from this censorship when visits to TTS were slashed almost overnight in April last year when the censorship algorithm kicked in. When this occured the likes of Infowars only cited examples of rightist websites and characters being censored.

So to Alex and Infowar$ and all the rest, it was if they wanted the left-leaning websites shut up.

But what about Kelly Jones, the ex-wife of Alex?

Not only has Alex been spying on, stalking and has, with his parents, defrauded her, he has been trying to deny her free speech and steal their children after a jury awarded her primary custody of them.

Oh, and he was fully aware of a secret surveillance network of myself for several years, never told me and used it for his advantage.

So cease the sympathy for Alex. He's working with factions in unnamed intelligence agencies. So for all we know this banning episode could be to generate traffic for him.

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