Sunday, August 12, 2018


On 9th August 1945 the USA dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.


And why Nagasaki?

After listening to James Perloff this morning through the tweet below, there is a valid reason why Nagasaki was chosen.

Perloff also explains why the Korean Peninsula was divided: Japan was building its own atomic bomb, but in what is now North Korea, which was given to Communism to help them build the bomb after atomic secrets and materials had been passed to the Communists as noted by Major Racey Jordan.

Further details can be read here: Book Review : David J Dionisi, Atomic Bomb Secrets.

And listen to Perloff talk about Nagasaki, and provide a defence of Putin, though I'm not 100% convinced. Why did he allow the 9/11 wars and only got involved in Syria a week before the MH17 report was published? And why does he kiss boys stomachs? And why has he just guaranteed the security of Israel with the biggest Zionist on the planet, merchant of death Bomber Drumpf?

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