Saturday, August 04, 2018


Retweeted by 'non-partisan' 'independent' UKIP strategist Jud-a$$:

Please note the reference to Iran having "big problems".

That "big problem" is being the target, still, of Henry Kissinger and the Neocons who did 9/11 to get Iran.

Kissinger would prefer Islamic State to Iran. Drumpf has "tremendous respect" for Kissinger. And nobody loves more and is more loyal to Israel than Drumpf.


Drumpf 'somehow' gets elected as PTUS, pulls out of the Iran deal, slaps massive sanctions on Iran, and Netanyahu threatens Iran for trying to defend itself and Syria.

And now this: Drumpf-lover Jud-a$$ selling out to Israel, and criticising other journalists for being partisan when he publicly joined UKIP and proudly publishes photos of himself at communications strategy meetings of the party for cranks, crackpots and perrrrverrrrts.

And Jud-a$$ knows David Icke will not expose Jud-a$$ for being a perrrverrrt because Icke was also in on the secret surveillance of myself. They were all in on it: Jud-a$$, Icke and Alex Jones. Not so sure about Gosling but can't be 100% sure, which is very sad because I thought alleged Christian Tony was as pure as the driven snow and I would have received an email from him about it. But no. They let it all happen.

But the difference between Alex Jones and Jud-a$$, and Gosling and Icke, is this: the former would lie in court about the secret surveillance network but the latter would not. Well, I hope that would be the case. But again, I can't be sure.

Which is very sad.

All I wanted to do was to get the banks in court, but it ended up like this, because particular so-called anti-NWO activists decided to use a secret surveillance network against me to their advantage.

Very, very sad.

They are not worth saving. Leave them to the likes of Alex Jones, who...would you Adam and Steve a passionate Zionist, a committed Confederate, half his family is CIA, and he hires creeps to spy on and stalk his ex-wife.

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