Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Alex Jones spies on and hires creeps to stalk his ex-wife Kelly, and has, with the help of his parents, defrauded Kelly of a joint business they ran.

He just helped to elect the biggest Zionist on the planet as POTUS to continue the PNAC agenda, and admits to supporting Israel and all its violent oppression.

His family is CIA and ran death squads in Guatemala. They founded the extremely racist Republic of Texas. They fought at the rank of colonel and general in The Confederate Army to defend negro slavery. Alex is very proud of his Confederate ancestors.

Alex has also admitted that he is working with factions in unnamed intelligence agencies. So for all we know this ban could be to generate publicity and/or sympathy for him.

Alex, along with Jud-a$$, is fully aware of a secret surveillance network of myself for years and has used it for his benefit.

Nah. You should be far more concerned about the suspension by Twitter of Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute, and Scott Horton of Antiwar.

Oh, and this photo of Putin kissing a boy's stomach in public. Coz that's what we all do, right? You've got this and then there's Drumpf talking about the breasts of his 1 year old daughter. And they've just guaranteed the security of the Zionist State of Israel.

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