Saturday, August 04, 2018


Here is what merchant of death Bomber Drumpf is trying to do:
1. pick on and deport anyone non-white, legal or illegal, and deport them and encourage Americans to hire other Americans to replace them while Drumpf hires cheap foreign labour at Mar-a-Lago and Trump Winery after decades of using cheap Communist Chinese sweatshop labour, and he also allows the perps of 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2007/8 to walk free and acts on the advice and whims of Henry Kissinger and Benjamin Netanyahu, e.g. Helsinki, to guarantee the safety of Israel;
2. massive tax cuts for the rich and corporations to encourage massive growth, employment and wages, but the rich and corporations laugh at Drumpf and give it all to themselves;
3. flog as many American weapons to as many despots and tyrants as possible, thus increasing the power and influence of the military-industrial complex.

But is this sick and cowardly plan working? To some extent...maybe...but it's not the boom the deluded beguiled dupes like Lyndon LaRouche expected.


How can LaRouche support Drumpf when Drumpf is the spawn of the Kissinger/Cohn network that tried to kill LaRouche as demanded by Kissinger, as the EIR/LaRouche publications have suggested? Or was that allegation just for sales?

Anyway, we're stuck with ultra Zionist Drumpf for another 2.5 years, and in that time we could easily see war on Iran and other sovereign nations...because Drumpf has this dude John "mentally unstable maniac" Bolton as National Security Adviser.

Not worth saving. I leave you all to the CIA/Confederate/Zionist/KKK Alex Jones.

In the meantime, the robots and AI will take your jobs and Drumpf will do no'in' about it. Because his only love is Israel. That's why he uses cheap foreign labour and encouraged his glamorous daughter Ivanka to base the supply chain for her global fashion business in China to exploit cheap Communist Chinese labour just like he has done for decades. Coz nobody in 'Murica can make a shirt, right?

And then you've got Alex "I spy on and stalk my ex-wife" Jones and Paul Joseph "I'm a massive creepy peeeping tom peerrrverrt" Watson?

Not worth saving.

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