Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Alina Polyakova starred in that now famous photo of Eliot Higgins and Max Czuperski in Kiev:

Polyakova has tried to whitewash the Nazism of the NATO coup in Ukraine by saying that there are no Nazis in the Ukraine government and that therefore the Russian government is wrong to label the new Ukraine government as Nazi.

The Russian government and its proxies in eastern Ukraine have consistently branded Kyiv's government a fascist junta and accused it of having Nazi sympathizers. Moscow's propaganda is outrageous and wrong. In fact, Ukraine's radical right political parties—Right Sector and Svoboda—have been marginalized.

[source : Alina Polyakova,, The Atlantic Council, 9th June 2015]

Yeah, now there aren't any Nazis in the junta.

But in 2014:
1. it was the Nazis who shot both protestors and police to provoke riots which the Nazis then used to chase out a legitimately elected government;
2. this Nazism was either ignored or whitewashed in NATO media, even as the Nazis burned 50 people alive in Odessa (see reports in The Guardian for excellent examples);
3. this was done because the new leader of Ukraine became Arseny Yatsenyuk, who was hand-picked by Victoria Kagan-Nuland in an intercepted phone call with US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt who said to Kagan-Nuland, "I think we're in play.";
4. Yats also runs a foundation called Open Ukraine which is sponsored by The US Embassy in Kiev, National Endowment for Democracy, Chatham House, George Soros and NATO;
5. immediately after Yanukovich fled for his life the junta hastily formed by NATO's man Yats contained the following:
Andriy Parubiy (founder of Svoboda) - Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine
Oleh Makhnitsky (Svoboda) - Prosecutor General
Oleksandr Sych (Svoboda) - Deputy Prime Minister
Andriy Mokhnyk (Deputy Chairman of Svoboda) - Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources
Ihor Shvaika (Svoboda) - Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine
Dmytro Yarosh (leader of Right Sector) - Deputy to Parubiy at National Security and Defence.

During WW2 both the UK and USA fought and died against Nazis and sacrificed a total of 1 million lives to defeat Nazism. Russia sacrificed over 25 million to defeat the Nazis.

What NATO did in Ukraine was use Nazis to overthrow a legitimately elected government to install their puppet Yatsenyuk, who quickly formed a junta consisting of bona fide Nazis becaue they had committed all the violence. When the election in Ukraine took place last year the Ukraine people saw sense and booted the Nazis out of the junta so that now, as Polyakova states, there are no Nazis in the Ukraine government.

But in 2014 after the NATO coup there was plenty of bona fide Nazis in the junta.

But gradually the Nazis are making a come back, slowly but surely. For example, Yarosh is now aide to the Ukraine military chief which is now recruiting and using Nazis, which the USA, UK and Canada are training.

But that whiff of the betrayal of the many Americans and British who died fighting Nazis in WW2 will always be on the clothes of members of The Atlantic Council and their NATO ilk for using Nazis to overthrow a democratically elected government. The Atlantic Council will never ever ever be able to wash that repulsive putrid stench of that betrayal out of their clothes.






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