Thursday, July 21, 2016


How the hell are Infowhores gonna explain this?

A few weeks ago Infowhores reported on a statement that Peter Thiel made at Bilderberg 2016 in Dresden. Their report is entitled Peter Thiel: Bilderberg Group’s Lack of Transparency is a Good Thing.

Infowhores derided Thiel for his statement.

And one claim that Infowhores made was that the top aim of Bilderberg was to stop Trump.

But what has happened to stop Trump?

Not much. Trump will tonight accept the nomination after he and his campaign and the GOP hierarchy trampled all over their rules to get Trump nominated.

And what's this?

Peter Thiel will tonight endorse The Joker!!!

Tonight, tech billionaire Peter Thiel will speak at the Republican national convention and make his case for why Donald Trump should be the next president of the United States. Most of the media is baffled by Thiel’s endorsement. And it’s true that at first glance the two men aren’t an obvious match. Trump is an authoritarian populist who promises to abolish free trade. Thiel is a self-described libertarian who worships capitalism. Thiel is also one of the most powerful people in Silicon Valley – and Silicon Valley hates Trump.

So why would Thiel embrace Trump? So far, observers have offered two explanations. One is Thiel’s contrarianism; another is his lifelong crusade against “political correctness”. Thiel certainly enjoys courting controversy, whether it involves funding a lawsuit to destroy Gawker or funding a fellowship to induce kids to drop out of college. And Thiel shares Trump’s antipathy to the “politically correct” rhetoric of diversity and multiculturalism, as well as to affirmative action.

But neither of these reasons speak to Thiel’s deeper affinities with Trump. What Trump offers Thiel isn’t just an excuse to be contrary and politically incorrect. Trump gives Thiel something far more valuable: a way to fulfill his long-held ambition of saving capitalism from democracy.

You see now?

It is a Rightist Globalists v Leftist Globalists thing.

Bilderber is not one organism. There are Rightist Globalists, Leftist Globalists, Centrist Globalists.

First Murdoch and now Thiel are just the start.

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