Friday, July 15, 2016


Murdoch just ran a coup.

He actually ran a coup.

And he has received some support from some very surprising corners...

First, through several clandestine meetings with Nigel Farage, Murdoch's media promoted UKIP. This led to a surge in support for UKIP and provoked Cameron into agreeing to the EU referendum. Then his media empire went into overdrive promoting Brexit,m even going so far as to publish not just once, but TWICE, that the Queen supported Brexit (The Daily Telegraph also published similar statements and claims).

And now, after he (and Liz?) got the result he wanted, he used his media empire again into picking the new Prime Minister by sending one of his reporters to go fishing on Andrea Leadsom. Once that interview was done the juiciest and most controversial statements from that interview by Leadsom were repeated ad nauseum across all media, forcing her to withdraw and thus hand the position of Prime Minister to Theresa May.

This is rightist, and has nothing to do with 'breaking free'.

You have all been sucked into a Murdoch plot once again!

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