Sunday, July 17, 2016


In 2008 at a NATO summit in Bucharest, NATO agreed that Ukraine and Georgia would at some time later join NATO. Putin was at that summit and told NATO that Ukraine joining NATO would be crossing a red line, i.e. trouble. Since 1949 when the NATO core initially formed, NATO has slowly marched eastward, from Checkpoint Charlie to the Russian border with Estonia and Latvia.

A few months later, as Putin was at the opening of the Olympic Games in China, The Tie Muncher of Tblisi Mikheil Saakashvili provoked Russia into a war by shelling the civilians of South Ossetia as they slept in their beds. That war provoked many calls for Georgia to join NATO. But Georgia did not join. Saakashvili was ousted, but has somehow returned to power to become Governor of Odessa (in Ukraine!?).

The war in Syria began in 2011. NATO/Zionist/Gulf monarchies unleashed Jihadis first onto Libya, and after assassinating Gaddafi those Jihadis were then smuggled into Syria. Russia has been and still is an ally of Assad fighting those Jihadis. Two years of this proxy war had passed when in July 2013 Prince Bandar visited Putin to issue Putin an ultimatum: either Putin dump Assad; or Bandar would unleash hell on earth in Syria. One month later on 21st August 2013 hell on earth occured when, we are told, that President Bashar al Assad murdered hundreds of his own citizens as UN inspectors were literally just down the road. This was the perfect casus belli for the allied powers, who had unleashed cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria in 2011 to kill Assad, to overtly declare war on Assad. A vote was held in the UK parliament, but the MPs voted against war because there was enough doubt about who did it. Putin arranged for Syria to relinquish its chemical weapons (but Israel's much larger and more destructive arsenal was never mentioned nor discussed), and war on Syria was avoided.

In January/February 2014 Yanukovich decided to agree a deal with Russia instead of with the EU/IMF. Suddenly Maidan Square in Kiev was occupied with protestors. Victoria Nuland flew over to hand out biscuits. NATO media promoted the protestors, even as they turned more and more violent. Eventually the neo-Nazis started to provoke riots against Yanukovich by shooting both protestors and police. NATO media said that Yanukovich massacred the protestors, riots followed, and Yanukovich fled. Nuland hand-picked a little known ex-banker Yatsenyuk (who ran a foundation funded by Soros, NED, NATO and US Embassy in Kiev) as the new leader of Ukraine. Yats then packed his junta with those neo-Nazis who had shot protestors to provoke the riots. The pro-Russian East Ukraine recognised the Nazism and rebelled, and those neo-Nazis then began to indiscriminately bomb and shell the civilians of East Ukraine.

Although no official declaration of war was made, East Ukraine was obviously a war zone, with Ukraine flying bombers over East Ukraine to bomb civilians and militia. As a result the East Ukraine militias were supplied with weapons by Russia, but most cannot reach the altitudes of passenger jets, around 30,000 feet.

But some can.

And one of those is the BUK missile.

The NATO-Nazi Ukraine had BUK systems.

But did the NATO-Nazi Ukraine know that the East Ukraine militia could have had a BUK system?


At a press conference, which was held just as MH17 was falling out of the sky, Ukraine National Security spokesman Andriy Lysenko told those present that Ukraine had video of BUK systems in East Ukraine.

So why did the NATO-Nazi Ukraine not shut down the airspace over East Ukraine?

Were they hoping for an accident of some kind so that Ukraine could eventually be dragged into NATO?

Since the MH17 disaster Ukraine has taken steps to join NATO, and NATO forces are gathering not just in Ukraine but in the whole of Eastern Europe.

Cui bono?

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