Saturday, July 23, 2016


And it appears that the guy admired white supremacist mass murderer Breivik, which would explain why the shooting occured on the 5th anniversary of Brievik's mass murder.

And during a press conference today, Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae confirmed left-handed Sonboly - whose father works as a taxi driver - had no links to ISIS.

He described him as a 'classical shooter without any political motivation' and added that he committed suicide after turning the gun on himself.

It also emerged that the teenager received 'psychological treatment' and was interested in mass shootings after files were found at his parents' home, which was two miles from the scene.

He also filed the serial number from the gun and police officers who raided his parents' apartment also found the killer had several first-person shooter games on his computer.

Police today confirmed that the teenager - whose mother works in German department store Karstadt - hacked a young woman's Facebook account in a bid to lure children to their deaths with a promise of free food from McDonald's.

In the post, he urged youngsters to gather at the specific restaurant yesterday afternoon to take advantage of the special offer.

At around 4.50pm, the black-clad shooter burst from the toilets in the restaurant and began 'killing the children' with a pistol, witnesses said.

He then continued his bloody spree in a local shopping centre and on the streets around Munich's Olympic quarter.

Seven of nine dead victims were teens, including three aged just 14, and 27 people were injured. They were 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 45, and 18, with the rest of the ages yet to be released.

Police confirmed the attacker had dual nationality and had lived in Germany for some time - at least two years, possibly much longer.

Last night German commandos raided the home the attacker shared with his parents in the suburb of Maxvorstadt. Locals there described him as a 'quiet guy'.

Reports also suggest that the teenager changed his WhatsApp profile picture to infamous mass murderer Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway on 22 July, 2011.

Mr Andrae said there was an 'obvious' link between the shocking massacre on Friday and the fifth anniversary of Breivik's attacks.
[source : Munich maniac was mentally ill loner obsessed with shooting sprees: Iranian-German killer, 18, had 300 rounds of ammunition in his rucksack as he went on murderous rampage ended with nine dead, Daily Mail,, 23rd July 2016]

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