Thursday, July 21, 2016


You can tell a man by his heroes.

The heroes of Roger Stone are:
1. Nazi King Edward VIII - who was banished to the Caribbean during WW2 for fear he would be able to access, and then pass onto the Nazis, British war secrets;

2. Tricky Dicky Nixon - who escalated the war on Vietnam, bombed Cambodia and brought Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge to power, and ironically recognised Communist China (so I would not be surprised if Nixon was also a hero of Ivanka Trump who uses cheap Chinese sweatshop labour to manufacture her clothing and does The Joker);

3. Roy Cohn - who was deep, dark CIA, enabled Rupert Murodch to control US media, procured children for the CIA to abuse, covered up the murder of three boys and sat on the board of Permindex which was an assassination bureau and Mossad/CIA front for political and economic espionage.

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