Thursday, July 21, 2016


Sheldon Adelson is 'donating' at least $100 million to Trump.

I wonder what he will want in return?


Let's see.

Let's have a goooooooooood think about this.

Adelson loves Israel. As does Trump.

Adelson wants that P5+1 deal with Iran ripped to shreds. As does Trump.

Adelson believes that Iran is the troublemaker. As does Trump.

You don't think Adelson will ask, nay demand, that Trump totally destabilise the Middle East by ripping up that P5+1 deal?

And then threaten Iran with an even more powerful US military?

The US military is currently on a $600 billion, repeat BILLION, per year budget. The next largest military annual budget is China at just $150 billion per year, a quarter of the US military budget.

But that is not enough for Trump and the Republicans. They want a limitless budget for the US military. I predict $1 trillion per year.

So we will have:
1. a sociopath;
2. who loves Israel;
3. who hates Iran;
4. who wants an even more powerful US military;
5. being pressured by a powerful Zionist;
6. who had financed him with at least $100 million;
7. to rip up the P5+1 deal with Iran;
8. and then threaten Iran with that even more powerful US military.

Sound familiar?

What was it Netanyahu said? America is a thing you can move very easily, was it?

Trump with the nuclear codes?

What could possibly go wrong?

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