Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Dodgy Roger Stone has tweeted this:

One word to describe Donald Joker Trump would be bombastic. With Trump's pro-Israel, anti-Iran rhetoric and the support he is getting from warmongering Zionist Fox News (and Murdoch in general) the image of Trump as a bomb may be closer to the truth than Stone is making out with this cartoon.

But it is the words that disturb me: 28 years in the making for me.

I call Roger Stone dodgy because he is implicated in the two most significant events of this century:
1. after Fox News called Florida for George W Bush in 2000, when everyone else had called Florida for Al Gore, a recount was ordered, but that recount was stopped due to the Brooks Brothers Riot which was organised by Stone. As a result W won the US election and was surrounded by senior and founding members of PNAC waiting for their "new Pearl Harbor" which ocured on 9/11 which provoked all the wars since;
2. the financial crisis of 2007/8 occured because Stone scuttled Eliot Spitzer's investigation into Wall Street's corrupt practices. Stone exposed Spitzer's use of high class prostitutes.

I find this too much of a coincidence. To me Stone could be a fixer of some kind for the Globalists. He may not be aware of his role, but don't you find it a bit curious that Stone is implicated in BOTH the PNAC wars AND the financial crisis of 2007/8?

And not forgetting that both Stone and Trump worshipped Roy Cohn, the man who procured children for the CIA to abuse, and who also covered up the murder of three boys. Cohn is one of Stone's heroes (the others being the Nazi King Edward VIII, and Tricky Dicky Nixon who was the first to recognise Communist China and bombed Cambodia to create the Khmer Rouge). And Trump called Cohn his "greatest friend".

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