Thursday, September 08, 2016


What will be going through PJW's mind next time he interviews or even contacts Stone?

Did Cohn stick his cock up Stone's arse?

Or vice versa?

Who was the taker?

Roger Stone started out his career as Roy Cohn's young lover and confidant. He was toastmaster at the AIDS-stricken Cohn's last over-opulent New Year's bash. Stone makes no bones about having "learned everything I know from Roy Cohn." He goes to great lengths to look and act like the rein­carnation of Senator McCarthy's slimy counsel. Stone even calls himself "The Prince of Darkness." (EIR has not tried to confirm tabloid stories that he and his second wife Nikki 'Solicit group sex on their Internet site.)

Stone earned notoriety as the youngest trickster in the Watergate scandal in 1972. He served as Richard Nixon's mouthpiece, when the former President was in Kissinger's thrall in New Jersey during the 1980s. Stone managed the 1982 Senate campaign of George Bush's Connecticut brother (Prescott Bush, Jr.), largely funded by NCPAC. Stone used NCPAC funds to hire his fellow Cohn boy, Morris, to do some polling. A junior staffer later discovered that Morris had faked the poll. Bush lost.

[source : Does Dole have his own Dick Morris problem?, EIR,, 20th September 1996]

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