Saturday, September 10, 2016


The corner of the alternative media that Icke is referring to, which I call The Freak Show, is run by a man who:
1. has attended "bad blood-drinking rituals of the dark side";
2. has a family, half of whom are CIA;
3. which is also descended from colonels and generals in the Confederate Army;
4. which explains why he claims the US Civil War was about a tariff when all primary documents and personnel from that time state the war was about the Confederate states retaining their right to keep, beat and rape their slaves;
5. and which also explains why he promotes slaveholding, backstabbing traitor and Godfather of the Confederacy Andrew Jackson as a good man who slew the bankers when in reality Jackson was one of the largest slaveholders in America, who illegally withdrew federal funds from the national bank and gave those funds to his friends and cronies who proceeded to wreck the American economy and resulted in Jackson giving the Rothschilds their big break by appointing them as agents for the United States in Europe.

And to top it all off, it is edited by a peeping tom pervert who promotes a man who pisses in his own mouth.

And now they have on as a regular guest the man who got George W Bush into the White House to enable the PNAC wars, and then enabled Wall Street to wreck the global economy by scuttling Eliot Spitzer's investigation into Wall Street, and who was an agent and gay lover of that liaison between the establishment and the mob, Roy Cohn.

It is such a freak show.

And it is naive of Icke to think that there is any sincerity in the freak show. They have revealed who they truly are.

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