Thursday, September 08, 2016


The Dulles brothers and Thomas Dewey got Cohn a job at Saxe, Bacon in New York after the McCarthy witch hunts.

Alan Dulles gave Thomas Dewey $2 million to buy Crosby Miller Co., which then took over Mary Carter Paint which was a Meyer Lansky front, and changed its name to Resorts International.

(We also know that Roy Cohn sat on the board of Permindex, which became Intertel, which was bought by Resorts International, which was bought in 1987 by...Donald Joker Trump. I mean, what are the chances that this happened by accident, considering Trump's deep and extensive connections to and business with the mob?)

Cohn was an ally of Kissinger through the ADL.

And when the establishment tried to destroy Lyndon Larouche through the New York Times but failed, the establishment turned to Roy Cohn who used one of his sleazy newspapers to spread gossip and eventually provoked violence against Larouche and his apparatus.

Cohn's cousins, the Morris family, infiltrated Bill Clinton's White House and tried to steer Clinton to the right.

And Cohn still found time to procure children for the CIA to abuse!!

I know Trump isn't Cohn, but...COME ON!!

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