Thursday, September 08, 2016


Recall when you read this article (and you should read the WHOLE article) that Donald Trump bought Resorts International in 1987 (they call it "keeping it in the family"). Permindex, which is believed to have played a key role in the assassination of JFK, became Intertel, which was bought by Resorts International, which was bought by...Donald Joker Trump.

Trump is upto his neck in this chimera of the CIA and the mob.

In 1958, Thomas Dewey and his son bought the Crosby­ Miller Co. According to a May 20, 1976, article by Howard Kohn in Rolling Stone magazine, Allen Dulles gave Dewey $2 million in CIA money for the purchase. The Dewey-con­trolled company then took over the Mary Carter Paint· Co. Armed with the Dewey name, Mary Carter Paint served as a protective umbrella for the Lansky mob's move into Carib­bean gambling, money laundering, and drug trafficking. In the late 1960s, a royal commission investigating organized crime in the British Caribbean islands, helped finish off all gambling rivals of Mary Carter Paint, which had meanwhile changed its name to Resorts International.

...It was only as the result of the suppression of two crucial pieces of evidence, during the 1969 New Orleans trial, that Clay Shaw avoided conviction for the conspiracy to assassi­nate President Kennedy. Had Shaw been convicted, the entire edifice of murder and coverup would have come crashing down, and the role of Bloomfield, Cohn, et al in the JFK assassination would have been the subject of worldwide atten­tion. The Dulles-Rankin Warren Commission fraud would have been thoroughly exposed.

...In the late 196Os, a new generation of Anglophile lawyers, close to Averell Harriman and George Bush's family, took up the reins from the Dulleses and Dewey, directing the New York political establishment to get behind the election of John V. Lindsay as mayor. The new group (called the Gotham Club or Gotham Committee) worked with Roy Cohn on "fixing" the Democratic Party, through attorney Edwin Weisel, Jr., Cohn's lifelong friend. Weisel was a member of Prince Philip's and Major Bloomfield's "1001 Club"; Weisel and his father (a Har­riman ally and Paramount Pictures director) were relied upon by President Lyndon Johnson to handle the New York Demo­crats after Kennedy's murder put Johnson in the White House.

(President Johnson would publicly admit on two occa­sions that he was terrified of what he described as a "Murder, Inc. right inside our government, " that was behind the assassi­nation of John Kennedy, and which, he believed, was poised to eliminate him the first time he stepped out of line.)

[source : The Roy Cohn mob and 'Dirty Dick' Morris, Anton Chaitkin, EIR, 19th July 1996]

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